Tenant Move-In Costs

List of costs to expect for moving in

Based on an average $1,200 rental home. Your costs may vary depending on your specific rental property.

Rent $1,200
Tax $21 (1.75%)
Security Deposit $1,200
Application Fee $50 ($25 per adult)
Cleaning Deposit $150
Pet Deposit $100 (optional; average cost; varies based on number of pets, weight and breed)

Total $2,721

Background Check

As part of the move-in costs, the application fee enables a background check which processes the following in priority order.

1. Evictions & Rental History Very High
2. Criminal High
3. Income Medium
4. Credit Low

As a general rule, recent evictions and poor rental history will be difficult to place. Criminal is second priority and is still high but can be fine if assessed on a case-by-case basis mostly relying on how recent, nature of crime and frequency. Third is income and usually should be at least 3 times the rent at a minimum. Credit is last and rarely prevents placement unless there are very large debts that must be paid.